Trade In

Earn some store credit in exchange for some extra cards or sealed products you may have sitting in your collection! If you have any cards on our buy list that you’d like to trade in for store credit please contact me via email ( In addition please put “buy list” in the subject box. All cards must be near mint to mint condition unless stated otherwise.

We pay out on average around 65% of tcg player market value for most sealed products or singles. If there isn’t enough accurate data on tcg player we will reference eBay recent sold listings. Final determined payout amount will come down to factors such as condition, demand & availability.

We currently do not offer cash payouts. Store credit only. 

We are currently looking for sealed vintage products!!!

looking for anything from base set - sun & moon era 

-theme decks, booster boxes, Etb, sealed booster packs and tins. Please reach out via email for a quote and be sure to provide pictures. 


PAYING 65% TCG MARKET VALUE FOR these singles:

alternate arts

full arts

Radiant pokemon

Amazing rares

Trainer/Galarian Gallery

Gold Secret rares

Rainbow Hyper rares 

Shiny vault /shining 

Illustration rares

Special illustration rares


Vintage wotc-ex era holo  rare/ex/gold star/reverses

we are currently not accepting bulk non-holo, holo rares, reverse holo, or ex/v/gx. 


How does it work?

Simply contact us with the contact form below. Include a list of eligible singles or products you wish to trade in (please see list above for eligible singles & product). Please be sure to include condition. And you will receive a quote on how much trade-in credit you could receive as long as everything arrives in the same condition as stated and the market hasn’t changed drastically. Please let us know which product(s) & quantity you’d be interested in trading in for under the trade n’ pre-order special. You will be given our shipping information. Customer is responsible for making sure all trades are shipped safely. If cards or product arrives in worse condition than stater due to poor packaging/shipping, then the amount of store credit can change. Shipping is only included for the lower 48 contingent US states. Please ask for a shipping quote for submitting your trade if you do not qualify for free shipping. 

(please note that values shown are in store credit not overall tcg market value, if you have more credit than needed the difference will be given out as trade in store credit)


Disclaimer: Please understand that any customer selling or trading is responsible for properly and safely shipping the particular product(s). Any damages will not be accepted and is the customers responsibility to resolve any shipping problems with the shipping provider chosen (usps, ups, fedex, etc.)  Also please understand that Pokee Galore LLC is not liable for reimbursement if said customer chooses not to purchase insurance when shipping. 

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